Coaching, Tutoring & Support

Coaching & Tutoring

If you have opted for the online course supported by a tutor you will received 15 hours 1-1 coaching across the three stages of the diploma.

All our tutors are qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapists with their own practises and are able to offer real time experience of working as a CBH practitioner.  This perspective is invaluable, as the coaches use the different techniques and skills that you will be learning every day with their own clients.


Structure of Coaching

Your coach will arrange to meet with you at the start of your learning to set your learning goals, and guide you through the materials and platform.  You'll work out the best way to phase your sessions based on your timelines and agree the next session date and the end of each session.  This really helps with setting your intention to complete in line with your goals.

If you're already a therapist or hypnotherapist you may not need all 5 hours for each stage, you must complete a minimum of 3 hours per stage though to make sure you really understand the theory and practice.

During your coaching sessions your coach will explain theories, coach you through techniques, test your learning and help you to really understand and explore the approach.  You can even use role play to try out a new technique you've learned.

You coach will be there every step of the way to help your reach your goal of becoming a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist.


Additional Support

Practice Sessions

We know that it's sometimes a challenge to find willing volunteers to practise with.  So the college offers 2 hour practise sessions, 3 times a week.  When you join the Tutor will pair you up with a fellow student and you can practise your choice of script or exercise in a zoom room.  At the end of the session there is an opportunity to ask questions and debrief the practise.

Hypno-CBT Connect



As part of your diploma course you have 1 years free access to the professional membership hub.  Here you will find a wealth of additional materials to support your learning such as: therapy toolkits, videos of professional therapists in action, webinars focusing on specialitist areas and many more features and benefits.

Active Alumni

 We love our students and stay connected over many years.  By becoming part of our community you stay up to date with developments in the field, benefit from access to an ongoing programme of further study, but more than that you become supported and a supporter of all your fellow students


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