Meet the Team

 Your tutors for the Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

Each tutor has taken the Diploma, achieved the qualification and has taken a special Hypno-CBT® Supervision training. They are all experienced, practising Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapists, and selected for their skill, care and knowledge.

Namita Bhatia


Prior to setting up her practice in North West London, Namita worked in the Legal sector for nearly 15 years. She runs her practice with particular attention to stress and anxiety, anger management, unresolved negative emotions, insomnia, weight loss and menopause, using a combination of hypnotherapy, relaxation skills training, NLP, standard CBT and mindfulness.



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Barry Bray

Barry was a secondary school teacher and Asst Principal for 20 years before re-training to become a CBH therapist  and coach.  He is a stress and anxiety specialist with a special interest in self-care.  Whilst he works with people of all ages he also freelances as a therapist in a secondary school working with students aged 13+.  Barry runs a private practice in Bath and also provides mental health workshops for schools and businesses.

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Theresa Brockway


Theresa offers Hypnotherapy, Creative Psychotherapy and Public Speaking Coaching to her clients and has a background in performance, touring theatre, Shakespeare and G&C.
Alongside her private practice, Theresa works as a Mental Health Specialist for the NHS and has facilitated group sessions, training and workshops for over 20 years in diverse settings.


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Emma Coffey


Emma has a background in working with children and young people both as a teacher and with organisations including ChildLine and TeachFirst. In 2016 Emma made the transition to therapeutic practice when she trained with the UK College.
Drawing from evidence-based approaches Emma offers individually tailored support for children, young adults and parents.

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Louise Coyle

Louise is particularly interested in helping midlife women cope with the changes and unpleasant symptoms of menopause. As well as seeing private clients she runs group workshops in relaxation and stress management, how to cope with exam stress, and how to manage the menopause. Before becoming a hypnotherapist Louise worked for many years as a medical journalist.


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Harriet Curry

Harriet offers an integrative therapeutic approach consisting of cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, Acceptance & Commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness to support individuals struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, body image struggles, stress management, and general well-being.   Furthermore, Harriet has trained with the NCFED as an Eating Disorder Practitioner to support individuals in having a healthy and happy relationship with food.  BSc, Dip CBH 

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Shelley Cushway

Prior to training in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and Mindfulness, Shelley has had a career spanning 30 years in Human Resources and Recruitment where she managed, trained and coached her own teams. She now balances her time between seeing clients, teaching and coaching for UKCHH and running corporate workshops focusing on stress management and wellbeing.

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Rachel Carroll

Rachel Carroll is a Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapist who graduated from UKCHH in 2020. Using an integrated approach that combines CBH and ACT she specialises in supporting busy, high-achieving adults with anxiety management, stress-based issues, sleep disorders and reversing unwanted habits.
Registered with GHR and CNHC, Rachel also holds a BSc (hons) in Psychology, a Diploma in Hypnobirthing and has over 10 years experience working in public sector organisations supporting adults and children with their mental health.

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Philip Makatrewicz

Philip qualified as a hypnotherapist with the UKCHH in 2015, and has been in private practice ever since. His varied background and interests inform his therapeutic approach: his time in the media helped him to understand the anxieties and stress of a fast-paced lifestyle, while his writing background aids him in finding creative approaches to problem-solving.

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Jana Martiskova

Dr Jana has a PhD in Interventions in Autism and an Advanced Diploma in CBT/REBT and is working towards an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Therapy. She currently lectures at Regents University. Her field of expertise is Child Development and Life Span Development.
Jana trained with the UK College in 2016 and specialises in the integration of hypnosis with behaviour therapy and REBT.

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Mimi Fakhri

With a BSc and Masters in Psychology, Mimi is passionate about prioritising our mental and physical well-being and providing people with the tools and skills to help them help themselves. She uses a combination of hypnotherapy, CBT techniques and mindfulness-based approaches. Mimi runs clinics in Surrey / South West London.

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Celia Griver

Celia has a background in behaviour change working in the NHS and prior to that in international development. She specialise in issues around disordered eating, food and weight, in particular working with people who have struggled with out of control eating. Celia also works with people with cancer. She is based in Kent and has clinics is Sevenoaks and Tonbridge, as well as online.

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Kate Mitchell

Following 30 years in Education during which she focused on special educational needs and emotional wellbeing, Kate trained as a CBH hypnotherapist in 2018. Since then, she has built a practice focusing on anxiety and insomnia, and is working with a growing number of people in their late teens and early adulthood. She has trained in ACT therapeutic approaches and online hypnotherapy skills.

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Jolene Pang

Jolene is a clinical psychologist with the Dip CBH and a Masters in Clinical Psychology, now running her own private clinic at Sabah, Malaysia. Currently, she is doing research on using Hypno-CBT model on the treatment for clinical depression for her PhD study.  Jolene is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.



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Slee Parrish

Slee is a CBH therapist and a consultant nurse within the NHS. With the onset on Covid-19 her practice has changed to concentrate on frontline staff and the very particular anxieties, fear, and stressors they face during the pandemic. She is one half of the partnership that created - a collection of free resources put together for frontline workers during Covid-19.  


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Chris People

Chris launched his practice in 2017 alongside its sister initiative Resilience Project Brighton with the intention of improving access to evidence-based therapy and resilience coaching in Sussex and beyond. His main therapeutic interests are in addressing those mood and motivation sticking points that can sometimes prevent us from our most valued living.


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Mili Sasidharan

Mili focuses on anxiety, stress, and fear management and habit reversal laying emphasis on thought and behaviour restructuring through CBT, Hypnotherapy and NLP. She is a post graduate in social work and applied psychology and has a CBH Diploma from UK college. With over a decade of experience in behaviour management. she is currently practicing as a consultant psychotherapist in Malaysia. She can communicate in English, Hindi and Malayalam.

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Sue Sawyer

Sue is an experienced trainer, coach, CBH Therapist and NLP Master Practitioner.
She originally trained as an actress and successfully worked in The West End. Sue also runs a complementary private clinic using a holistic approach to health and wellbeing with particular attention to anxiety, unresolved emotional conflict an

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Morag Stevenson

Morag set up her practice as a CBH Therapist in 2020 and works mainly online with clients from around the globe. She has developed an expertise in helping women and teenagers stop chronic hair pulling or skin picking. Before retraining as a hypnotherapist, Morag spent many years in senior management roles in sales and marketing. Mum to three grown up children, she spent over 30 years in France and speaks fluent French.

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Andrea Haggerwood

Andrea is a CBH and Stress Management and Resilience Building (SMRB) Therapist. She has worked in a range of educational settings, predominantly with children with SEN, learning difficulties or severe and complex medical needs. She also works in Primary Education, a charity for carers, and provides SMRB strategies for patients in a private cardiology clinic.

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Edwina Reason


Edwina’s professional background is in the entertainment world: she was a singer, actress and children’s TV Presenter. She is now a CBH therapist and works part time for the UK’s biggest Private Rehabilitation Centre for addiction, leading group sessions and 1-to-1s. She also runs meditation and relaxation sessions and is a trained facilitator for the not-for-Profit Women Empowering Women Organisation.


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Flavia Schmidt

With a degree in Clinical and Industrial Psychology Flavia has always been passionate developing an empowering approach across the board. Having completed her Diploma she found that by combining
her techniques she could effect change in her focus for children and teens. Currently she runs her private practice in West Sussex working predominantly with teens and children covering anxiety, phobias, and challenging behaviours.

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Hui Bee Teh


Hui Bee is a trained clinical psychologist with the Dip CBH and a Masters in Clinical Psychology & Mental Health. She has worked within the NHS in the UK and now runs her own practice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hui Bee is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese & Hokkien and assists the UK College in preparing, translating and teaching our Diploma Course in China and South East Asia.


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Lorraine Walker

Lorraine has over 40 years experience in personal development training in both the private and public sectors and owning childcare and consultancy businesses. After completing the CBH Diploma and SMRB Course, she opened her private practice treating both adults and children. Lorraine also runs her own online academy offering mini courses and audio recordings for those who have no access to therapy. She has over 14k+ students enrolled on her courses and also has a podcast ‘The Calm Mums Show’ offering small bite sized episodes for busy mums.

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Julie Elder

Julie has been a practicing therapist since 2005.  She offers a multi- disciplined approach to health and well-being whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. Julie qualified from the UK college of hypnotherapy and hypnosis in early 2022 and uses the CBH in conjunction with her other treatments as well as on their own.  She also teaches yoga, breathwork and mindfulness and uses many of the relaxation techniques with her clients. Julie works mainly with clients suffering from stress.

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Ioana Dulcu

Ioana is a CBH therapist with a Level 5 Higher Diploma and a clinical psychologist. She runs her private clinic, working online with clients across the UK and Europe. Specialising in stress and anxiety management, she employs a multifaceted approach that integrates cognitive behavioural therapy, schema therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, and mindfulness. Fluent in English and Romanian, Ioana fosters a collaborative, compassionate approach, guiding individuals through transformative change.

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Denise Iordache

Denise is a CBH therapist specialising in helping women worry less and sleep better so that they perform at their best, both at work and in their personal life. She helps women build realistic, helpful, and healthy habits to tackle stress, overcome insomnia, and have more energy.In her practice, she uses a combination of well-researched
approaches and techniques to create personalised treatment plans which enable her clients to achieve their goals.

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